magic of time

by housework

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on this page i'll be upload any new work coming up as 'housework'.

tracks will be appearing and disappearing at whim, until a collection makes sense.

to be


released 01 December 2014

cover: saint cecilia



all rights reserved


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Track Name: my tokyo bride
somewhere in a small apartment in the Far East
the crew are cleaning up after the graveyard shift
every quarrel's over, and the winner cries,
'I got me my Tokyo bride

deep in the wires, up in the satellites
she's in my eye,
the Tokyo bride

we sit across eachother, lit up by our screens
fly thousands of miles on optical wings
with my Tokyo bride..

Blessed by the spirits, so true and so wild
the apple of my eye,
my Tokyo bride..

True love is a true life saver
But she can also serve as a great screen saver
my Tokyo bride.

(Somewhere in the Far East
some shit is balled up in a fist
every quarrel's over..

deep in the wires, up the satellites,
bye bye my Tokyo bride..)
Track Name: the naked skin of dreams
the lady fell the lady cried
tears of sweet sweet wine
and the heaven above her eyes
filled up with drunken angels

we don't share dreams no more
just brief notes and a pair of arms
to pick us up

on some faraway bay
the naked skin of dreams
faraway in time
we don't share this

the torch of hallelujahs
that she gave to me
she had eyes made of it
the naked skin of dreams

this dark room can't ignore
the twisting of the wings
as the alcohol
drenches the plot

one of these days was good enough
to be the last:
she whispers in my ear
they haven't made a bottle for that, yet...

the lady fell, the lady cried
but big girls never cry...
Track Name: you two
oh you two are so precious and cute
visiting my room like fireflies

i'll set you on the table
and talk to you two

about all the things i did
and all the things i didn't do

because of you two
so fine and so cute
visiting my room
like summer butterflies
the hours go by
as i watch you fly

turning my ceiling to sky
you twin jesus christs
impossible and fine

as the beauty fills my eyes
there's no reason i can find
to doubt the truth
of you two..

so i thought i'd let you know
i've seen the light
once and forever now
and i'm almost blind
i've lost my mind
i'm waiting to find
you two 've come by
to haunt my day
and drink my wine

all through the night

cap in hand
ever so polite
i can only say the rest is the rest
you two are the best
Track Name: the magic of time
i don't remember her anymore
must had been something
coming unbound
gone with the wind
a thousand years ago...

i stuck her in the silent box
never replied never said a word
and now i know for sure
the top of my skin is all i got
sometimes it's warm, sometimes it crawls

but it's the top of the world
top of the world ma'
the top of the world...

now everybody knows my name
and loves me down at the street below
i don't remember her anymore
she's not even a ghost

and the top of my skin is
the top of my world...