sometimes in her eyes

by housework

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recording dates: december 2011-may 2012

all songs by housework, except 'what i did' which sets the words of peter hammill's 'what i did' over new music (and samples of his music).


released December 31, 2012

written, arranged, played and sung by housework (i also cooked me dinner and put me to bed every night with a kiss)



all rights reserved


housework Αθήνα, Greece

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Track Name: morning after
I hide my head in the pillow
I keep my body very still
I’m in love with this woman on the bed
That was bitten till I bled
She’s the star in this
And she’s ready again…

I just hold on to the sheets
Here she comes again…

Do you love her as much as I do?
You better love as much as I do
She never hurts as much as I do
Yeh you better love her as much as I do
Her marks will only stay with me
And only I will stay with you
my love

now it’s some morning after
we sit across a quiet table
the narrative is over…
do you still love her?

It’s another morning after
200 miles of quiet table
the narrative is over…
are you still in love with her?
You better love her…
Track Name: to the top
The ways of seagulls
Like the ways of crows
The souls of butterflies
Grey against your door
Their beautiful ashes
Raining from above

That indelible verse
Running out of words:
‘Someday everyday
and always yours…
And always yours.’

Trapdoors to the stars
Doorways to the sun
All the way to fall back
To the top

And all the diamond snow
Glittering and warm
Like a couple lost
Forever lost in love
And what never happened
Cannot be undone…
Track Name: my boring life
In a hell hole of idiots and ruin
And screenfulls of world saving ghosts
Always in the sunshine, always wishing for rain
I just ain’t rock n roll; time to call it a day

I went to the crossroads and I talked to the devil
And I offered him my soul
He said ‘man you can keep it’, ‘your stuff is boring’
‘cause it ain’t the blues or rock n roll’

I never had a hooker, I mostly keep alone
had very little drugs and heartbreak
I’m just immature and old

And here I am all grey and sober
Trying to do a song…
I’m trying to do a song:
Bring on the dancing horses
And fetch me roman orgies
Do it for the lady
That sometimes in her eyes
Your star is on the rise
Yeh, your star is on the rise, in my boring life.
Track Name: flying
Love’s a secret
Like the mercy of lies
Painting a sun
Over a rainy night
Or the beautiful truth
Or some iron proof
So what am I to you?
Your love seemed endlessly
Bound by the shackles of dreams
Caught in the borders of beauty
Between the perfect lips
Or some beautiful truth
That’s all yours for keeps

Fly, fly
Now baby let me fly
Like a bird fading up
In your sky
Your river was deep and your mountain was high
But now I’ll fly
Fly, fly
Baby, watch me fly
No blood in the clouds, there’s no pain in the sky
The mountain got steep and the water was high
So now, alone, I’m flying…

It’s one hell of a world
There’s a life to live
The mud is a getting too thick
and so is the scum of things
but here I’m singing this
in sweet victory…

now the flesh is weak
and the spirit’s just the weakest part of it…
in sweet victory…
Track Name: jesus abigail
I got goats and I got blues
I got about a thousand friends
So I guess I must be makin’ sense
So pardon my spelling and pardon my French

Sweet Abigail left and the house is so quiet
I light a match in the dark
The house now is so quiet…

(The child is twitching her lids
I guess it must be the fever)

all that freedom…
I got people behind me
And all that freedom…

Since, that bitch, Abigail left
And the house got so damn quiet
I light a match in the dark
The house is so damn quiet

I got a furry fender strat
Deep in the woods in a shack
A long sad beard and a smoking gun
Since madness visited the suburb

Paint me Abby and fill me with lies
In my head your light will never die
I light a match in the dark
The kid’s got twitchy eyes…

Jesus made me do it
I swear to god
Jesus made me do it
And Jimmie sang ‘hey Bob’
Jesus made me do it
You’re so cold…
Track Name: //*PsyCHoticS United_vs_SociopaTh CITY_Nil_NIL__!! - bonus track
(and she said)
‘Do you wanna play? I can play your sister
You can take my picture, we can feed our dollies
We can scream and yell. Stay up for weeks on end
Deep into the red
Promise that you love me or else…
I’m your one and only star or else…
I’ll be a fly, a buzzing fly
I’ll be a fly, a fly with a knife
a butterfly around you I’ll fly…
sister… sister…’

‘this grisly bear’s my ego, roaring in the moonlight
a red queen full of anger feeding on her court
sure I’ll take your picture you were heaven sent
to sit before my lens. Hey, look my feet look neat I dip my toes in i-ching
What was your name again, you little bitch?’

And then they drove their guest back to the airport, hastily bought a ticket
and sent her back home.

The next day she logged in and she wrote back:
‘remember my sweet toes you photographed? I’m cleaning my toenails
with switchblade, I’m cutting myself, I bleed… xxxxx’

And the next day she logged in and she wrote back:
‘I will force-feed your dollies, I will KILL YOU!!!’

And then the other one had a panic attack :
(‘me, me, me, me….’)
And about two truckloads of xanax:
(‘xanax, xanax, xanax, xanax..’)

Things didn’t improve for a couple of days
And then the referee blew his whistle
And ended the match…
Track Name: what i did (peter hammill cover)
‘A pretty pass in the rear view mirror,
It’s coming on the overtake…
I’ve got to stop panicking.
Got to keep cool
Got to learn to live with my mistakes

Overdue debt to the taxman,
I tried to have and eat my cake.
I think I must have been crazy in retrospect;
All the lines run together
They just don’t seem to connect

I want to update my memory
I want to rewrite my past…
Ooh, found out, no chance
I think I must have been crazy to do
The stuff I did
I think I must have been crazy, crazy, crazy
I think I must have been crazy

But that’s the price we pay-
Every lucky throw of the dice
Will come back to us one of these days

I want to update my memory
I want rewrite my past
I don’t like what it’s telling me
It all floods back so fast
I guess I was my own worst enemy…’
(And now…
And now I’m fucked..)