vanishing points

by housework

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recorded in 2015


released November 3, 2015

iannis karakostas: drum performances on 'the flood', 'the hunger', 'later this week' and 'affection'

marina skiadaresi: lyrics for 'affection' (ci 1992)
all other music, lyrics and instruments by hw



all rights reserved


housework Αθήνα, Greece

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Track Name: no way up
hairline cracks at the joint
just seconds before the collapse
of the 20th floor slab
on top of the 19th floor slab
the 18th on the 17th, the 16th on the 15th
till out kitchen is a detail
in the pancake stack
our big brass bed, a detail in the pancake stack

oh the 14th on the 13th
the 12th on the 11th floor lingerie
throw some syrup on it and follow up with lawsuits
and eat it up, just eat it up

as the 10th falls onto the 9th
and the 8th on the 7th heaven
it's just a stick figure of the building
a sketch drawn from memory
from some newspaper article
and a couple of dissertation summaries

the 6th on the 5th, the 4th, the 3rd, our 2nd the 1st
all the way to the ground floor
at least no elevator is necessary anymore
there's no way up
no way up
there's no way up
no way up...
Track Name: the vanishing point
tell my mother, tell your friends
that i'm no longer here
tell the girl collecting bills
that i have disappeared
into the wild out to sea
or to a place of fear
who else could ask for a fool like me
but you're gonna miss me, dear

fall back into your tender dreams
more innocent each year
guardian of all pretty things
you keep them safe from fear
you found your shelter, keep it clean
and all up in good cheer
don't shed a tear or blow a kiss
it doesn't matter dear..

life is nothing but a dream
scars and orbits down the stream
into the sun out of my skin
i'm gone, i've disappeared
you can keep a memory
you're gonna miss me dear

here my breathing's all i hear...
Track Name: this page
The day’s done and wasted and time’s all spent
Blank and forgotten, this page is your friend

The lingering smell, the invisible thread
No, you ain’t hurt, cause this page is your friend

In a gale of ambition and truth that’s bent
Among hard walking people, this page is your friend

When you don’t keep your promise
And lie flat on the bed
And lie flat in their faces
And lie hard to yourself

When you didn’t choose it
Or pick it off the shelf
When you’re about to lose it
This page is your friend

Last night you got wasted, should be full of regret
Full of lame excuses, this page is your friend…
Track Name: affection
'walking in the shadows of my cherry blossom dream
i float in the middle of your gently scented stream
it won't be long for us to touch the sky
and wipe away the fears that made us cry
in this game that never ends, you got a friend
things don't appear so bad though you're feeling sad

all i need is affection, don't deny my attention
and show me that you care'

marina skiadaresi ci 1992
Track Name: the black out
the bedroom lamp is swinging
and the rain falls on your bed
you sit there and promise
you'll never tease the hurricane again

the ink on the page is fading
and the dates are getting blurred.
so you can't believe the numbers
and you cannot trust the words you read, no
you cannot trust the words

twelve angry men are coming
and the girl just left
there's no time left for choices,
there's no time left to comprehend,
there's no time left

so you go swim with the mermaids
as they're swinging on the swell,
but nine o clock is coming
it's getting cold and they'll be late for work
they'll be late..

twelve angry men are coming
you got to take my word
the wild flowers of your black out yaers
you turned them on yourself

twelve of god's disciples
and now the girl's just gone
there's no time left for choices
there's no time left to comprehend
there's no time left at all...
Track Name: minor glory
there's a new toy, a new toy for our girl
last one was sugar, this one is gold
there's a new toy, a new toy for our girl
last one was much bigger, this one has more soul
she wanted this for christmas
so she kept it in the box

life is shards and orange madness
never uses legs to walk
crucified her or so she thought
so now she blinks and never talks
got a new toy in her in her bosom
sweet sweet music, rock n roll

and all those idiots that she knows
they can sit and praise it, or they can take a walk

now the throat and fingers' bloody
the bass orgasms hard and cold
top class on the upbeat,
the singer riding high and low

walks of minor glory, glorious minor walks
out of a room in the bloody evening
to the great and little world...

yeah the colors are relentless
and her eyes begin to blur
she gasps for sweet sweet air
as her legs begin to fold
her friends are always hot and bothered
to see a poor girl fall

it must have been the cold cuts
or having drinks at home

those chicks in t-shirt shout it out

another chord to go

how does it feel baby
to be on your own...

and those shithead hipsters with the blog
are always keen and hot
to see a poor girl fall..
this should have been delicious..
Track Name: the flood
Cute little dog
can bite your head off
But if it‘s called for
He‘ll give his little life for you

An old man‘s reflex in a young man‘s game
Better won by the grapes of wrath
Greater wisdom, weaker taste buds

The last sliver of peace
You try to make it last forever
If you shove your head in this
It will last forever

Cute little dog
Scared mongrel running fast
The gates are open now
In come the ends of rainbows

Here comes the flood
it needs no saying that some royalties should go to the stones if i ever sell this one.
Track Name: later this week
I woke up this morning
And I found myself dead
Found myself with the angels
Gone was the world

I woke up this morning
All wrapped in gold
So, sorry love
You got to let go

Here angels come in colors
They glide and unfold
All the silver linings
the forgotten rewards
Don’t be sad my love
You got to let go

i know i had promised
but you got to let go

I woke up this morning
and gone was the world

Hey, hey, hey, hey

All blunt edges should be sharp
One should always follow their heart
So what if the ugly turned pretty
So what if the water draws blood
So what if the good go bad
And the earth gets torched up by the sun

Clean up the house take care of the mess
But then again, they’ll think of you no less
Here’s the before and the after
The dice and the laughter
The blank dot on the screen
And this stupid song all full of jinx

Gotto be going, it was only a dream
See you later darling, later this week
Track Name: this is love (the cinderella waltz) - cover
words & music by Mack David, Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston